About Us

About Enactus Manchester

We are large and active student volunteering society. We develop projects that benefit individuals and communities in need - both locally and across the world. Our projects have a social focus but use business and economic concepts to implement their success.

We currently have four projects in our portfolio and we are always looking for active volunteers. Some of the projects are:

  • Golden HoneySupporting honey & coffee producers in various areas of Peru.
  • SPOT FinanceTeaching financial literacy to vulnerable young people.
  • Speak UpTeaching English to parents of children at a local primary school.
  • ReNuSupporting homeless people by providing "upcycling" workshops and selling the produced items.

We also have some NEW projects including one international project and a local project in the pipeline.

The Commitee

Diyana Razif


Raaed Sheibani

Vice President Commercial & International

Agy Ng

Vice President Local

Nishat Haq

HR Executive

Justin Wong

Corporate Relations Executive

Marcel Chin

Corporate Relations Executive

Hamza Siddiq

Financial Executive

Celal Cankaya

IT & Marketing Executive

Ravyansh Yadav

Innovation Team Director

Currently no image :(

Deepti Mohindra

Events Manager